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Once Franco Ceste had finished his studies in the ‘60s at the Professional Institute in Alessandria, he went to work with his father Guido, as a wine producer.  Guido was one of the best-known wine producers in the area.  In the space of a few years, the young Franco purchased numerous pieces of land and planted vines that are still the essence of his production today. Committed, constant and devoted, he dedicated himself to production at a time when distance was still a barrier and a hindrance to communication growth.  

He started off by expanding his horizons and firstly promoted his wines throughout Piedmont, then further afield until he expanded abroad.  

From the early 90s onwards, he established the foundations for an export business, expanding his grape varieties by introducing non autochthonous varieties, experimenting with grafting and late harvests, right up to the present day with a production loyal to the oldest of local traditions.  Those tasting wines from the Ceste Winery will be surprised by the magnificence and sumptuousness of the Barbera d’Alba.  The historical “cru” is the “Sposabella”. Picked when it is in an advanced stage of maturing, gently pressed and bottled while still young just as tradition requires: subtle, elegant, rose petal scented and exceptionally gentle to the palate. 

The tasting emotions do not stop here and like a continuous change, they increase as you taste these great reds, fruit of a scrupulous selection of grapes from the vine, a knowledgeable fermentation and a slow maturing in oak casks.

You will only taste the best of Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Nebbiola d’Alba, Bonarda, Dolcetto and Grignolino at the Ceste Winery; since 2001 this list has also included the “Tubleu” Langhe Rosso, the result of a clever combination of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera grapes grown and produced directly by the winery. The same dedication is given to the production of whites, especially the Arneis. Another of the Ceste Winery’s works of art is the “Gemma di Sole” Passito wine, a sweet combination of the Arneis and Moscato grapes.  Respect for tradition but with an eye to the future, especially the tastes of young tasters visiting the Ceste Winery.

Lovers of cuisine and fine wine come to Govone from all over the world.  Every visitor to the Ceste Winery is welcomed with courtesy, professionalism and a fine glass of wine. 

Not far from the winery, at the top of the hillside stands the Govone Castle built in 989 A.D. and nowadays a Residence of the Royal House of Savoy that Unesco has included as part of its World Artistic Heritage. 

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