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Roero Riserva Palliano VITIGNO: Nebbiolo 100% con allevamento a Guyot.

AFFINAMENTO: Botti di Rovere da 40/50 hl  per circa tre a


Una piccola zolla  di tufo,  sul quale  sopravvivono due querce da tartufo bianco d'Alba, è alla sommità 

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Nebbiolo with Guyot training system.

AGING: 40/50 hl oak casks for approx. 3 years.


HARVEST: by hand, first ten days of October.

APPEARANCE: Grainy red with reflections of orange.

AROMA: Intense, pleasant spicy with hints of violet, cinnamon and hay

PALATE:  warm, full-bodied, highly persistent flavour.  The raspberry and sour cherry dominates with a little tannin.


The Bricco Palliano lives at the top of the production hillside of our Roero.A small tuff clod, where two Alba white truffle oak trees stand, is at the top of the vine.The selection destined to produce the “Palliano” Reserve comes from the metres that surround this rock.A warm, pleasant Roero that warms every well-flavoured, spicy dish.  It can be drunk from the third year onwards but is excellent after many years of patient waiting.It goes well with flavoursome main courses, roasts, braised meat and game.

Serve at 18 - 20°C. Uncork 2 hours before.


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