GEMMA DI SOLE Vino da uve stramature (Wine from the ripest grapes) Stampa E-mail


GRAPE VARIETY: a blend of different white varieties
AGING: Oak casks for more than 36 months
HARVEST: by hand after the partial drying on the plant
APPEARANCE: pale yellow with reflections of intense amber
AROMA: intense and complex of meadow flowers and dry fruit
PALATE: sweet, honey flavoured with hints of peach and apricot, lightly aromatic

It is a surprising wine that stems from a strong work together with passion and experience.
Whoever visi ts our wine cellar, will have the possibility to taste different vintages, discovering the aromas of the evolution in their long times of aging.
Sample with tasty, blue and goat cheeses.
Gold medal at Vinitaly 1997.
Serve at 4-6°C.

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