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GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Dolcetto with Guyot training system.

AGING: Stainless steel casks.


HARVEST: by hand, last ten days of September.

APPEARANCE:  ruby red colour with dark, violet reflections

AROMA:  violet and cherry aroma

PALATE:  bitter taste, soft with hints of fresh vinasse.


The Dolcetto grape is the first to be picked in our area.  Its name brings to mind sweetness, because it was the first grape that could be eaten as early as mid August to the joy of both young and old. The Dolcetto wine is the classic young wine, an excellent, everyday companion in the kitchen. In most of Piedmont it is drunk from November onwards in the same year of production as either a simple snack or dinner in company. 

 Serve at 18-20 °C.


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